Our Vision

One-to-one relationships with individuals within the communities we serve.

We see the Jimenez Group stores coming into a customers mind as soon as they find themselves stressed or stretched financially. We will maintain a bond with the members of our community where we serve them humbly and respectfully.

Come meet our team and you will find a group of people dedicated to helping you solve your financial woes. Since our entry into the pawn market in 1960 the Jimenez Group has focused on serving communities. Today, we have 4 locations in the Miami, FL area.

Pride in what we do and how we serve.

A mother comes in to get a pawn loan with her wedding ring to put food on the table, a father comes in needing to buy medicine for an ailing spouse. The stories are endless – yet real and we encounter them everyday. We are proud to be able to help.

Embracing our christian values we adhere to ethical practices.

We have a vision that encompasses not only what we wish to be but how we will get there. Morally conscious and ethically centered we believe in fairness in all we do.